Keen to knit?
 try Knit Mate...

A much cheaper alternative to graph paper...

And save the planet whilst you're at it!

Pattern Picker - So... Simple

Yet so effective. Selecting the correct pattern is a breeze with thumbnails that stay up to date.

Pattern Generator - So... Quick

Simply select an image and set a few properties. You can even apply a hue and generate grayscale or color patterns.

Pattern Editer - So... Easy!

Pinch to Zoom. Swipe to Pan. Copy and Paste, with a clear overlay - Know what's going where every time.

What people have said about us on The App Store....


Perfect!!! - This app was just what I was looking for!! I can make a pattern and use it all with my iPad and finger! No more trying to locate a pen or paper. LOVE IT!!!

Amazing App that works for crochet too! - This app is so helpful! I love that it lets you create your own pattern from scratch or use a photo. I use it to create graph crochet patterns and I was very pleased with how easy it is to use. You can create an entire pattern in just seconds using an image. The color translation is perfect - it picks up subtle color changes and translates them perfectly for a pattern. This is such a helpful app and really opens the door for creativity!

Excellent app - Excellent app. Would have saved me hours playing around with graph paper if I'd had this before.

Just what i was looking for - Easy to use and great result.

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